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Kombucha is packed with so much goodness it's sometimes hard not to sound ridiculous, so we will keep to the basics. Kombucha is loaded with the good bugs, probiotics, which aid digestion and general gut health,  and a healthy gut leads to so many more benefits. Kombucha also contains many B and C vitamins, we had ours tested for Vitamin C and it contains over 60% of your daily recommended dose! Kombucha also has many beneficial acids and enzymes, two of the more prominent ones being glucuronic and acetic acid, these help your body detoxify, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure and have an alkaline effect on the body. 

We also ferment with green tea which is loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols which remain present in our kombucha.


Inspired by the many medicinal plants of South Africa, we have focused on utilizing our natural resources and supporting our local sustainable farming communities. Our products are therefore flavoured with locally sourced botanicals, rich with their own healing properties. 

Typical Nutritional Information (Per Serving-330ml):

Energy (kj)                  258.75

Protein (g)                  <0.33

Total Sugar (g)            14.16

       Fructose               6.04

       Glucose                8.12

Total Fat (g)                 <0.15

Dietary Fibre (g)          <0.5

Total Sodium (mg)        43.89

Vitamin C (mg)             55.77

pH                               3


Straight up, unflavoured, delicous raw kombucha.

Naturally filled with probiotics, vitamins and antioxidants.

Also ideal for starting your own home brew.

Cape Cola

An exciting new addition to our range made with a local fynbos of the buchu family - commonly known as Confetti Bos or Cape May.

Tastes like CocaCola should have;)

Medicinally used much the same as buchu, while fisherman also used it as a perfume to mask the smell of bait. 


An easy-drinking, refreshing choice.

Lemongrass is full of antioxidants and is reported to aid digestion, regulate high blood pressure and boost metabolism.

Buchu & Rooibos

Fresh, floral and slightly minty.

As a diuretic, buchu is used to treat urinary tract infections and aid the kidney. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and is commonly used as a stomach tonic. Rooibos is packed with anti-oxidants.

Ginger & Wild Dagga

Herb tones with a ginger bite.

The best option for colds and flu with gingers anti-bacterial properties to fight infection, while wild dagga helps to relieve chest congestion. 

Also, a great option to curb morning sickness, with additional anti-inflammatory and cardioprotective properties.


Unflavoured kombucha with 5mg CBD per bottle. 

CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD is reported to relieve anxiety, pain and stress, as well as aiding sleep.