We are Jacques & Amy and we brew Kombucha, and tinker about with a few other ferments. 

Tasting Kombucha for the first time is often a memorable experience, and for us it sparked an immediate intrigue. This of course escalated rapidly after light and later in-depth research into this fermented drink. 

We then bought our first SCOBY and began to brew. From the very first batch we struggled to make enough to quench our own craving. The health benefits of our regular Kombucha consumption also became more prevalent, which of course added major fuel to the fire. And so the brewing vessels grew larger, as did the interest of friends and family, and in no time Culture Lab was born. 

The origin of Kombucha is ancient and the survival of the art and the 'revival' of its use are clear indications of the benefits enjoyed by its consumers. 

There is a vast amount of information on the properties developed through the fermentation process of brewing Kombucha and we encourage anyone with an interest in the ferment to research it, and get hooked. 

We hope you enjoy our brew as much as we do!